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Created for you,
who dares to dream.

Handcrafted. Unique. Exclusive

The bedspreads awaken values through a sensual written story, that are slipping away as a result of the busy lifestyle and the desire of achievement at any cost.


The entire process begins with the creation of a narrative, followed by the creation of a motif based on the story, and finally the actualization of the product. The bedspreads are handcrafted from high-quality fabrics using patchwork sewing technique. Each detail on the product is well thought out and serves as a means to showcase its craftsmanship. Aside from the story, each bedspread is aesthetically embellished with hand-glued crystal elements. It takes around 30-60 days from the development of  an idea to its implementation, depending on the complexity of the handmade details.


The end result is a masterpiece, a fabric artwork that you can literally place on your bed.

0 months  0 hours

This is followed by the first embodiment of the idea on paper through the use of a distinctively written narrative, the objective of which is to awaken ideals that are slipping into forgetfulness as a result of the fast pace of lifestyle and the pursuit of achievement at any cost.

It all begins with a single thought, an everyday inspiration, or even a dream.

Following the writing of a story, the core character is sketched / planned; which is how the motif gradually begins to materialize into the physical realm.


We have a decent concept of what the design will be  by this point, and the digitalisation of the final sketches begins, with meticulous planning of how the fabric pieces will be positioned.


One of our favorite parts of the whole process is this; a careful selection of materials, which will be pieced together to make a whole. We exclusively use high-quality fabrics such as silk, chantung silk, cotton, silk/cotton blends, and microfiber. The batting inside is out of 100% unbleached cotton. 


The most time-consuming and detail-oriented phase begins. It takes a lot of patience and skill to cut pieces of fabric and sew them together to create a true physical embodiment of a written story.


The final step is to frame the image created from the fabric pieces in a lace “frame”. The motif is then embellished with Swarovski or Preciosa glass crystals. The crystals are entirely hand-glued and serve as a finishing touch that brings the product even closer to perfection.

3 months  500 hours

"Our goal is to bring royal comfort and story-telling arts into the lives of those who aren't afraid
to dream."

ozadje spletna 1212121.png

Certificate of authenticity.

All of the products resemble a one-of-a-kind story that is given to the customer, creating a lasting memory of the artwork's sensory and physical definition. Isydora promises that each design is exclusive and original, as proven by a certificate of authenticity.


Do you dream even bigger?


If you are interested in any of the Isydora collection artwork, please send us an inquiry. If you happen to be the biggest dreamer of them all, we can create a custom piece just for you. 


Let's turn the next bedspread into a tale about you!

You may either schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery call with Lucija to learn more about our process and talk about your special occasion, design, and more.


You may complete the contact form below as precisely as possible, and Lucija will contact you to discuss your request.

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