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Our product is made with the greatest attention to quality and detail, as this prevents the majority of the insolvency, it can still be damaged if mishandled. You will need to stick to a few simple rules for the quilt to stay the way it is for an extended period of time.

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Cleaning your quilt:

The less is more

There is the rule that says, "the less, the better." For a new quilt that is used on the bed all day, washing once per year should be sufficient. The quilt should be professionally dry cleaned.


Keep the quilt from direct sunlight:

UV light degrades natural fibers

Natural fibers degrade in UV light, and the colors start fading, you can protect your quilt by merely keeping the curtains closed every once in a while.


Store your quilt properly:

Proper ventilation is the most important

If you decide to store your quilt when not in use, loosely roll it and store it in a closet with proper ventilation. Be sure your quilt is protected from moths. Never store a quilt in plastic or air-tight container.


Covering with a quilt:

Contact with lotions and skin can damage the fabric

If you wish to cover yourself with a quilt, we kindly suggest that you use a sheet below, a contact with the skin and chemicals such as lotions could damage the fabric in the long run. 

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