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This is the product we primarily designed for women. Upsetting aging process, split ends, dry skin; all these problems served as an incentive to design this product.  


We combined a unique sewing technique called patchwork with entirely natural Mulberry silk and created handcrafted silk pillowcases with the goal of providing royal sleeping comfort to women, they so dearly deserve. We fully comprehend that it is not always sufficient for women to create goods that only address or solve problems; it is also essential that we women feel special when we use them. In the upper part of the pillowcase design, there is a patchwork detail that subtly outlines the crown. Every woman is a queen, and she deserves to wear her crown even while she sleeps. At the same time, the pillowcases are accompanied by a very distinctive author's story, which is delivered to each customer when they order. Our first limited collection, Silky Touch Pillowcases, features 12 different color combinations that you can effortlessly fit into your bedroom interior.


Many years ago, Chinese Empress Ling Chi came across an extraordinary fabric by chance. Discover our first handcrafted capsule collection of pillowcases called Silky touch. 

Even when you sleep.


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