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A king is no king without his people

Once upon a time, a king was ruling a big and prosperous country. One day, his country was hit by a severe drought. Not a raindrop has fallen on the ground of his land for hundreds of years. Drinking water began to run short, and having to think quickly; the king decided that water could only be used by the nobles. He concluded that only the survival of nobility could enable the future and survival of his beloved country.

Rebellions started spreading throughout the country, and, fearing for his worldwide reputation, he decided to host an event of the century, attended by hundreds of world leaders. All the guests brought a gift to the king, but the most outstanding was the gift of an Arab prince, a falcon. A magnificent bird he was, with shining feathers, long sharp talons and a strong curved beak. The Arab prince told the king, "Take good care of this falcon, for he has a special gift, the gift of wisdom." The king kindly accepted the gift and instructed the servants to take the falcon to the royal gardens.

After the party, the king was walking through gardens, complaining loudly. "If only I could understand why my people rebel against my decisions, the decisions I had made for everyone's good." All of a sudden, he heard the fluttering noises behind his back. When he turned, he saw the magnificent bird standing before him, saying, "When I flew across your kingdom, I saw many unhappy people, people who were forbidden to drink from the wells that they had dug with their own hands, only so that you could survive. Without these people, you and the other nobles wouldn't have drinking water. A king is no king without his people."


3800 hand glued crystals
500 pieces of fabric
ozadje spletna 1212121.png


carefully chosen high quality materials

100% unbleached natural cotton  queen sized batting

50% shantung and satin silk

40% cotton satin

8% microfiber, 2% elastane


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If you are interested in any of the Isydora collection artwork, please send us an inquiry. If you happen to be the biggest dreamer of them all, we can create a custom piece just for you. 


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