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I choose you, I will always choose you.


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, fertile with forests and waters, lay a beautiful lake. In the middle of the lake was an island that hosted thousands of lovers who came to profess their love each year.

On this day, many moons ago, a small boat was sailing from the coast to the magical island of love. It was carrying a man and his one true love. In silence, they observed the calmness of the lake and the sheer tranquility of the mountains surrounding this magnificent lake. Suddenly a pair of swans appeared, and they accompanied their boat with elegant movements, touching their heads as a sign of affection. Their long snow-white necks formed the shape of a heart.

Looking at the swans, the man gently grabbed the hand of his beloved and said, "Just like a swan only chooses its partner once, I'd choose you in any world and any version of reality. I'd find you and choose you."

4000 hand glued crystals
300 pieces of fabric
ozadje spletna 1212121.png


carefully chosen high quality materials

100% unbleached natural cotton  queen sized batting

50% shantung and satin silk

40% cotton satin

8% microfiber, 2% elastane

Interested in this design?


If you are interested in any of the Isydora collection artwork, please send us an inquiry. If you happen to be the biggest dreamer of them all, we can create a custom piece just for you. 


You may either schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery call with Lucija to learn more about our process and talk about your special occasion, design, and more.


You may complete the contact form below as precisely as possible, and Lucija will contact you to discuss your request.

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