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The story behing our brand's name debunked

We always get so many questions about what Isydora means and where did it come from. That is why we decided to dedicate a very special blog post to this topic to stop all the guesses out there once and for all.

To get a better understanding of the story behind the name of the brand, we have to go way back in the year 1964, to be exact. Some day in that year, a little girl was born; she had shining eyes and gently wavy hair. The little girl's parents decided to give her a unique name that is not often heard, and that name is Iris.

Iris, one year old, 1965

Years have passed, and Iris grew up in the not so idyllic environment of always hard-working parents. She was trying to develop her creative side, which was glowing inside her from an early age. Growing up in the time of communism, many goods, from food to clothes, were not easily accessible. Sometimes, she could get her hands on magazines that were not just any but fashionable ones!

They served her as a consolation to the real world. One day, Iris decided to take matters into her own hands. She confidently prepared scissors, a needle, and thread, hurried to her small closet, took wide, baggy jeans from the shelf, and adjusted them precisely as she had seen in one of those Italian fashion magazines.

The next day as she walked to school (wearing brand new jeans, of course), she could not help but notice astonished looks on the streets where she walked. Such jeans were impossible to ignore due to their rarity in Slovenia. When she confidently entered the classroom, girls looked at her with eyes wide open, some were surprised, and others were envious. Finally, after 5 min had passed, all the girls impatiently asked where she managed to get those jeans! After the hearing, Iris suggested redesigning jeans for all the girls in the class and bringing some fashion inspiration to the school. That's how it all started. Iris knew very well from a young age what her true career path was. Through the years, she was patiently developing her artistic expression and opened her tailor atelier.

In this life, we can express our love for exceptional designs and out-of-the-box creativity and are thrilled to be able to bring a piece of that into your life

Three decades and many satisfied customers later, Iris noticed a decline in interest in hiring a tailor due to the rise of fast fashion. It was time for a change. By this time, I was already completing my studies in architecture, and together we decided to pursue a joint creative business path. First, of course, we needed a new name. After a short deliberation, we tried different derivatives of the person's name who started all of this and is the brand's actual driving and creative force, Iris.

Lucija and Iris, Co-founders of Isydora Luxury Silk Art

Thus Isydora was formed, which is one of the names Iris has. And now you may wonder what Isydora means? The name is of Greek origin, Isadora, meaning gift. So depending on the meaning, we can say that we feel a higher power has given us an extraordinary gift. In this life, we can express our love for exceptional designs and out-of-the-box creativity and are thrilled to be able to bring a piece of that into your life.

Lucija Zorko, CEO


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