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Why do Silk Pillowcases make a great wedding gift?

Browsing through the internet for a perfect wedding gift can feel overwhelming, especially if you aren't sure what the couple wants. Of course, some couples will make your life much easier with a perfectly curated registry list, but what if you still want to give them something simple yet very exclusive? Of course, if our pillowcases aren't on the registry yet – which is hard to believe, but it happens!

Below we are breaking down everything you need to know about why our pillowcases are the best wedding gift idea:

1. 100% HANDMADE

Our Mulberry silk pillowcases are 100% handmade by a mother and daughter living in a very tiny green land called Slovenia. The unique design of a crown makes our pillowcases something that isn't easy to forget.


In the upper part of the pillowcase, a patchwork detail resembles our Isydora logo and a crown. The unique design makes our pillowcases something that isn't easy to forget.


Isydora pillowcases are made out of the highest quality of silk available on the market. The silk is called Mulberry silk. Its uniqueness comes from the way the fabric is produced. The production process requires the help of a unique species called Bombyx Mori or, as we call them, the silkworms.


You will gift a future bride and groom exclusive designer pillowcases and a magical story that is only revealed to those who purchase the product. What more could you wish for?


Want to make your wedding gift even more personal and customized? We can make a remarkable embroidery of your choice to each pillowcase – it can be just as simple as the wedding date or something more complex as a lovely romantic quote – entirely up to you!

On her wedding day, I recently gifted two white Isydora pillowcases to my best friend, and she adored them. Hopefully, I inspired you for your subsequent wedding participation, so your gift will stand out among others.

Sincerely yours,

Lucija Zorko, CEO


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