Isydora Luxury Patchwork gathers the most beautiful silk, cotton, and Swarovski crystals as the fundamental elements of each product. Each detail on the bedspreads is well thought out and serves as a means to showcase its craftsmanship. 

All of thecrafted products resemble a unique story presented by the details of the artwork on each piece of the products which the customer is exclusively handed to—leaving an impression of the sensual and physical definition of the artwork. Our goal is to break away from mass production and provide something more. We are guided by a vision that dictates distinction, uniqueness, and aims to add a whole new level of personality to the product in addition to excellent craftsmanship, with the purpose to elevate the buyer-seller interaction to a level that we often lack in today's world.

Currently, we offer bedspreads with various motifs that can be made to order as well as silk pillowcases that can be bought right away.

Where stories meet luxury and magical living.

Crafted for those, who dare to dream.

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The Falcon


The Peacock


The Swans

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It's much more than a silk pillowcase; it's a crown! 

You probably already know about us, if not, no worries, let us introduce ourselves. We are Iris and Lucija and we are bonded in a very special way; we are mother and daughter. Recently, we took a risky step and embarked on a joint business venture. Of course, our journey is more than just business; it is also incredibly creative, tenacious, uncertain, bold, honest, vulnerable, powerful, serious, optimistic, loving, and loud.... These aren't just adjectives that characterize our (business) path; they're the first words that come to mind when we think of a woman and her unique energy.


Wear your crown, 

even when you sleep.

Do you dream even bigger?


If you are interested in any of the Isydora collection artwork, please send us an inquiry. If you happen to be the biggest dreamer of them all, we can create a custom piece just for you. 


Let's turn the next bedspread into a tale about you!

You may either schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery call with Lucija to learn more about our process and talk about your special occasion, design, and more.


You may complete the contact form below as precisely as possible, and Lucija will contact you to discuss your request.